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Reiko halloween by elfgurl Reiko halloween :iconelfgurl:elfgurl 2 1 mermaid me by elfgurl mermaid me :iconelfgurl:elfgurl 1 7 Precious Dragon by elfgurl Precious Dragon :iconelfgurl:elfgurl 0 1 MY ARM by elfgurl MY ARM :iconelfgurl:elfgurl 0 1
Chapter 3
Chapter 3
It took about a day and a half to get there because the river stalled me a bit until I found a rickety old bridge going over it.
The forest was cool and damp when I entered it. I could hear the sounds of what seemed like all the animals in the universe.  So full of life, I thought, now this is a place I could get used to!  I continued on through the forest for about half a day, not caring where I was going and stopping occasionally to sleep or just sit and rest.  I stopped for lunch and sat on a rock to eat an apple and studying Efrum's map out of sheer boredom, then found out that someone had been following me. I heard undecipherable speech from the bushes just to my right.  You can imagine, I was startled enough to jump into a pose I'd seen the army learn for hand-to-hand combat.  The voice spoke again, still in that different language.  I narrowed my eyes. "Who's there?" I finally asked.
A boy slowly drew himself
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reflection by elfgurl reflection :iconelfgurl:elfgurl 0 3 Dark Cathedral by elfgurl Dark Cathedral :iconelfgurl:elfgurl 1 3
My story Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Two days later, my mother, Anne and I set off on the two day ride to Eram Castle.  It was dawn when we got there, and I awoke to find the obvious king of Cormena in his best crown waiting for us.  With him, was a much shorter boy about my age with a smaller gold crown and light brown hair with blonde highlights.  He was smiling widely showing a set of very white teeth at something his father said.  As I watched, he swung his bright yellow cape around and put on a proper frown.
"Welcome!" the king said, stepping forward as we were let out of the carriage.  "Nice to see you again, queen Helena."
He kissed my mother's hand and stepped back, turning to me, and opened his arms wide.  "Ah, and this must be Princess Ella!  I'm so glad to meet you at last!  May I present my son, Prince Efrum."
'No, you may NOT present him!' I thought.  The boy with the yellow cape stepped forward and bowed low.
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The Real Wicca
the Real Wicca
We don't fly on broomsticks
We don't raise the dead
The bad things you think of wicca
Are really in your head.
We don't believe in hell
And satan and all that junk
We don't dress all goth
We don't all dress punk.
we DO believe in God
but also in a Goddess
they are both considered equal
and at least we are not godless.
please don't try to change our minds
because it will not work
we won't try to make YOU change
consider that a perk
This is the path we have chosen
You can choose your own
But don't pull us onto yours
We're standing like a stone.
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dunno the name yet
Good, you've decided to read this before the beginning so you can understand the book, itself.  Have you ever wondered where the idea of mythical creatures came from?  Let me tell you where, on the planet Jenalin.  On Jenalin, there are all kinds of these creatures, good and bad.  Elves, fairies, dragons, wizards, the like.
But we'll get to those later.  Now, I must wake up to a normal day in the western palace of Harper Kingdom.
Chapter 1
"Princess Ella," Someone was whispering and shaking me gently. "Princess Ella."
I finally opened an eye and found my 38 year old blonde chambermaid standing over me.  I sat up and looked around at my room.  A girl can never really get used to seeing such a huge room, even after 16 years.  I guess it's what you can expect, though, when your parents are the king and queen of a country.
"Princess Ella," she said again, "you must get up, or you'll be late for your st
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uhh... Tra-Khee?
United States
Current Residence: NC
Favourite genre of music: rock, etc...
Operating System: windows XP
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heh... i apparently forgot that i didn't delete it. dang. well, maybe if i manage to make some art that does not suck (very unlikely), then i'll try to remember to put it up here... if i don't end up deleting this later. which i may. cause so far, there has been no use for the past, y'know, many months. perhaps a year. *shrugs*
anyways, yeah. *sigh* see ya... maybe.


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chibiwolf1 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Hmm if our not that good of a drawer then maybe you should try a tuturial or take pictures or wright more of those poems. Your a really talented Literary person. Try it or dont doesnt matter. If you even get this message.
Kira-Kat Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
:poke: remember me?
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Nice gallery!:D
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Now that's an interesting username...
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Kya! Teh Christie! Thanks for the :+fav: !!!!! *glomps*
I haven't talked to ya in forevers...*huggles* <3 Miss ya.
HeartTheKitty Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2006
Oh em geeee! Christie! Thank you for the :+fav: ! I miss you tons! <3 *hugs tight*
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sup biznatch! next time you get on, drop me a line. M'kay?

Miss ya lots, Gabby
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